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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

£1,049.00 ex.VAT
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has been designed to turn medical dictation into text faster and more accurately than ever before. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the perfect desktop front-end speech recognition solution for the single user, from medical practices to primary care facilities and departmental working groups – easy to deploy, rich in end-user features and boosting information capturing directly in departmental information systems or EHRs.

How can clinicians efficiently document patient care in their own words, spending less time dictating, typing or clicking?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 makes it easier for doctors to document care into medical records using their voice, by enabling them to both dictate the “medical decision-making” of patient visits and navigate through the EHR using speech. This improves the quality and completeness of the patient note and saves doctors valuable time with each patient. With up to 99 percent accuracy, doctors dictate medical notes three times faster into an EHR, helping them save an average of 30 minutes a day through a more streamlined process.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the right solution for your clinical setting, as compared with non-medical Dragon offerings featuring among other functionalities: special medical vocabulary, EHR support, data encryption support, special medical formatting, medical search commands, and is compatible with the Nuance professional microphone PowerMic III.

Key Benefits
• Dictate, edit and sign your documentation in one step.
• Dictate in your own words directly in your clinical application.
• Facilitate EHR adoption and use.
• Eliminate transcription costs.
• Support higher level of reimbursement.
• Reduce report turnaround time and deliver clinical notes faster to your peers.
• Save clinicians 30 minutes or more a day.
• Deliver discharge letters instantly and reduce hospital length of stay.
• Spend more time with patients.
• Improve doctor satisfaction.

Key Features
• State-of-the-art medical speech recognition. Up to 40% more accurate than non-medical Dragon editions when used in clinical settings.
• Non-native speaker friendly High accuracy for non-native speakers thanks to advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.
• Command and control: Replace multiple mouse clicks and keystrokes with your voice. It is faster and easier to open applications, switch windows, send emails, or search the web.
• EHR support. Navigate and dictate inside clinical applications.
• Medical vocabularies. Covers close to 90 specialties and subspecialties. Dictate with confidence using your specialty’s vocabulary.
• Supports encryption of audio and text files. Protects patient confidentiality.
• Hidden Mode. Click anywhere in a clinical application while dictating and add text where necessary afterwards.
• Dragon templates with voice fields. Automate form filling applications by adding fields in dictation templates.
• Medical formatting rules. Expands abbreviations and follows capitalisation rules. “HPI” can appear as either “History of Present Illness”, “history of present illness”, or “HPI.”
• PowerMic™ III ready. Program buttons to run any Dragon function or user voice command.

This product is supplied as an electronic download weblink and logon username/passcode.

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