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ClaroRead for PC

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ClaroRead Pro is the latest edition to the ClaroRead for PC range. ClaroRead Pro includes powerful new technology that will scan and convert any publication into an editable PDF that can be read out loud with colour highlighting. ClaroRead Pro ensures that any scanned or inaccessible document will be perfectly reproduced with all pictures, diagrams, columns and text intact.

As ClaroRead Pro is closely integrated with Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer, practically any text can be spoken aloud by this powerful software. ClaroRead can assist in delivering high quality documents by using the scanned proofreading capability.

Users can also benefit from the addition of included visual tools that colour, highlight and focus on difficult to read text as it is spoken by the computer. Words can also be spoken back as they are typed, ensuring the accuracy of written papers, tests and study notes.

As well as including all the features found in ClaroRead Plus, ClaroRead Pro features improved scanning and proofing options. ClaroRead Pro allows users to read a book on-screen exactly as it would appear if the text were in their hands. ClaroRead Pro scans and converts any publication into an on-screen PDF that can be read out loud in a human sounding voice within Adobe Reader with full colour highlighting. New PDF unlocking features and OCR proofing capabilities have further boosted ClaroRead’s power. ClaroRead Pro is the simplest and most affordable way to get any newspaper, magazine, novel or leaflet online in its original format – for everyone to read and listen.

ClaroRead Pro has all the features of ClaroRead Plus and also includes ScreenRuler, ClaroCapture and ClaroIdeas.

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This product is supplied as an electronic download weblink and serial/installation code.

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